Tonton is a very poorly little boy! He is nine years old and suffers from cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus.

Before I returned to the UK, I arranged for him to have a brain scan and a blood transfusion.
His hydrocephalus is so bad that he desperately needs surgery to relieve the pressure.

Part 2

Very sad news about Tonton.

I am sure you will remember that he is the 9 year boy with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy, and also remember the great fundraising efforts of Gerald and Phil to raise enough money for his surgery.

Well I took him to the National Children’s Hospital in Manila for treatment.
We were there for twelve days and eventually after several tests and yet another brain scan. The consultant decided that the operation would not make any difference to his quality of life; and as there is a 35% chance of infection he therefore would not operate…

I am crying now to think that if only someone had done something when the child first got sick, he could now be leading a normal life; instead of which he is locked in his own world! He is deaf, blind, and unable to eat solid food, weighing only 12kg he is the same size as a two year old!

Now we are told that nothing can be done to help him and he must just wait for the good Lord to take pity on him and release him from his hell here on this earth….

All this suffering through poverty and ignorance….

Please pray for Tonton…. God bless you little man!