Orolyn was one of the children from the “Orphanage from Hell” and she is the reason that Bahay ng Pag-asa was founded! Please meet the reason Bahay ng Pag-asa came into being.

Her name is Orolyn she was one of the children that I looked after when I first went to the “Orphanage From Hell” in  Santiago. She was so badly treated by the person looking after her that I just could not stand by and watch this little angel being burnt and beaten…

So Bahay ng Pag-asa was born.

I loved this little girl so much and just could not bear to leave her in that terrible place where she had suffered so much. I wanted to adopt her but unfortunately I did not qualify. After the authorities were called in and the court case started
Orolyn was safely placed in her aunts care.

I went to visit her a couple of times and was with her when she graduated kindergarten. But my heart broke every time I had to leave her… I just could not bear it.
So I gracefully but painfully backed out of Orolyn’s life.

That was until thank God for the wonders of technology I found her on Facebook. Sixteen years after last seeing my daughter we were reunited again this year…

I can’t tell you the mixed feelings that I had as I walked towards her and held her in my arms again. it was one of the best moments in my life!

I love Orolyn as much today as I did then and we will not be parted again!