Marian is 39 years and suffers from diabetes.

He also has cataracts in both eyes.

Mariano became very weak and was unable to work and provide food for his family.

They came to Bahay ng Pag-Asa for help.
We took him for a check-up at the hospital and he was confined.

Bahay ng Pag-Asa paid all the hospital fees and continues to provide the diabetic medicine to keep him stable.

Bahay ng Pag-Asa also arranged for Mariano to have his cataracts removed free of charge through a government scheme….
One cataract was removed in November hopefully the second will be removed in February.


Part 2

Mariano has had two cataracts successfully removed, but unfortunately was admitted into hospital again as we are having difficulty in controlling his diabetes!
Due to extreme poverty it is difficult for the family not only to provide the medicine he needs, but also the right diet.
Bahay ng Pag-asa paid for all the hospital fees and will continue to provide his medication.