Part 1

We have had several new cases referred to Bahay ng-Pag-asa. Among them was Lenlen. The local school came and asked if we could help her as she was suffering for a serious skin disease and could no longer walk or attend school.
Lenlen is an 11 year old girl with a very bad skin disease. She was covered with black scabs and was no longer able to walk or attend school.

I took Lenlen to the hospital last January and was advised that she had an allergy. Since then I have been providing medicine. The hospital gave her a diet to follow, but the mother seemed unable to understand the importance of it and as soon as I managed to ease the skin problem it returned. In the end I suggested that maybe she should move in with us here and I would monitor her diet. The problem certainly seems to be getting better albeit slowly. Lenlen is a very happy child and has fitted into our very strange family very well. I am sure we will all miss her when it is time for her to return to her own family.

Part 2

As you can see Len-len has made wonderful progress and her skin disease has now completely gone. Len-len is a delightful child and has been a great help to Mae while I have been on vacation

Lenlen lived at Bahay ng Pag-asa for over a year until she was completely well when she moved to study in a nearby town…. Good Luck Lenlen we love you.