Daisy has been one of my long term psychiatric patients. Last January she was discharged and was leading a normal life with her five year old son Denmark.

After I returned I did not see Daisy for a few weeks. I was told she was working in the fields, so I did not worry.

However the morning of the child abuse court case.
I was told that she was in a very bad state, and would not let anyone near her.

As we were going to the court I saw someone lying by the side of the road; they were only wearing shorts no top.

I could not believe it was My Daisy; this person looked like a skeleton and Daisy was at least double the size of this person.

I made everyone wait in the tricycle, as to be honest I thought she was dead. As I approached the almost lifeless body, to my horror I saw it was indeed my Daisy!

Apparently she had not eaten for a month and for the last week she refused to move just lay in the field, she would not drink, and if anyone tried to touch her she bit them!

As I said her name Daisy opened her eyes put her arms around my neck and began to cry…

We took Daisy to Bahay ng Pag-asa and called the doctor.
Daisy was so weak that she could not even feed herself, but after a few days of T.L.C. She was soon on the way to recovery.

Unfortunately, after a few days her recovery took a nose dive
Daisy became withdrawn and violent; she hit me and bit me very badly (five months later the bite marks are still visible on my hand).
There was no alternative I had to confine her in the mental hospital.

After three weeks confinement Daisy returned with me to Bahay ng Pag-asa, where she remained with her son for a further two months.
I am so pleased to be able to say that Daisy is now very well and has even managed to get a job which will certainly not only help her financially but also mentally.