Orolyn was one of the children from the “Orphanage from Hell” and she
is the reason that Bahay ng Pag-asa was founded!
House Mates 2013

Please meet the reason Bahay ng Pag-asa came into being.

Her name is Orolyn she was one of the children that I looked after when I first went to the
"Orphanage From Hell" in   Santiago.
She was so badly treated by the person looking after her that I just could not stand by
and watch this little angel being burnt and beaten…                          
So Bahay ng Pag-asa was born.

I loved this little girl so much and just could not bear to leave her in that terrible place
where she had suffered so much.
I wanted to adopt her but unfortunately I did not qualify.
After the authorities were called in and the court case started
Orolyn was safely placed in her aunts care.

I went to visit her a couple of times and was with her when she graduated kindergarten.
But my heart broke every time I had to leave her... I just could not bear it.
So I gracefully but painfully backed out of Orolyn’s life.

That was until thank God for the wonders of technology I found her on Facebook.  
                              Sixteen years after last seeing my daughter we were reunited again this year….
I can’t tell you the mixed feelings that I had as I walked towards her and held her in my arms again
it was one of the best moments in my life!

I love Orolyn as much today as I did then and we will not be parted again!
Our well had to be re-dug this year as the water
was so dirty that it become impossible to use!

Yes he is digging it by hand…
The new well cost £300 but at least it is safe for
the children to drink now.
Many thanks to all for your continued support.
Pony one of our scholars helps dig the new well
Bullet & Jenny
Bullet and Jenny enjoying a
day at the seaside....

They are growing into
beautiful young ladies :)
Clean Water At Last!