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More Clients 2012
Romeo asked for help as he could not see properly
as he had somehow managed to get hair from a
buffalo in his eye .
We took him to see the eye specialist who said
that unfortunately the hair had punctured the eye
and that the eye was now scared and that really
nothing could be done to correct it...
Romeo has the start of cataracts so we will take
him for regular check ups...
Baby Ruby
Joem Ezekil
Baby Ruby is just 6 months old
and was hospitalised with
sickness and upset stomach
Bahay ng Pag-asa  paid the
hospital fees and medicines.
John Mark
John Mark had a very high fever and
was confined to hospital.

The family are very poor and needed
assistance with the hospital fees and
Gloria has a skin allergy.
We provided her with
medication and she is making
good progress
Christina Mae
Christina Mae comes from a
very poor family they could
not afford her school fees or
to buy her school uniform...

She is a very intelligent child
so Bahay ng Pag-asa are now
funding her education.
Joem Ezekil
is just 5 months old!

He needs heart surgery the
family are very poor they
came to Bahay ng Pag-asa for

Heart surgery costs
thousands ... way beyond  or

Can you help?