House Mates 2011

Our beautiful Jenny has grown into a
very lovely young lady.
She is doing very well at her new school
in San Miguel.
Jenny is also a great housekeeper!
Honestly she cleans without even being
asked to!!!!

Our wonderful Bullet has
turned from the ugly
duckling on the left in 2004
into the beautiful swan you
see now!

She started high school this
year 2011 and is already
shinning like the star she is!
Jerome and Pony

Jerome has really settled down at our new home.
Unfortunately his studding did not go well and for several months
he was driving our tricycle but, there are many tricycles in the
village all touting for passengers and making ends meet was
very difficult.
The good news is that Jerome now has a job working at
"Mr Donut"
(watch that waist line Jerome)

We are so proud of Pony  he has done really well at his study
and has now qualified as a mechanic and is now looking for a
job abroad!
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