Clients 2011
We are delighted that
Aldrin has made great
progress coping with his
disability so much so that
Bahay ng Pag-asa
is now sponsoring his
Aldrin is studding IT and
hopes that when he
graduates he will be able to
support his mum and very
large family!

Ruth has now started her
third year of studding
Hotel Management
all funded by
Bahay ng Pag-asa.
Take a note of the
beautiful face you may
see her on the reception
of the Hilton!

Make sure you tip her well :)

Wonderful news baby
Denchel received her
much needed surgery.
She is now home and
making a good recovery.
The surgery was
funded by a TV station
while Bahay ng Pag-asa
provided transport,
medication and
financial support.

Maria has been a client of
Bahay ng Pag-asa for several
years. She was diagnosed with
TB and is still having
lung problems!

She was hospitalised again in
June and sadly the prognosis is
Not good!
We will continue to fund Maria's
medication and ask your prayers
for her healing.

Maria is one of the nicest people
you could wish to meet...

With deepest sadness!
After several bouts of TB
my patient and friend
Maria Esterilo has lost her
battle and sadly passed away.
Please pray for her soul
and for her  family.
I wept not only at the death of
my friend but also when I learnt
that the family borrowed a
dress to lay her to rest in!

In order to help Maria's family
we paid for the funeral...
I know now she will rest in

Wonderful news Rowena has
had her operation to remove a
23cm x 22cm ovarian cyst
which weighed an incredible

Rowena is young and strong
and is making a full recovery
at home...

Thanks for your prayers and
donations that make it all
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