Our New Home!
Our New Home

As amazing as it seems we
have been in Planas for six
years and our lease has
I originally renovated the
house in Planas rather than
buying a place of our own,
as at that time I was not
sure how the Mission
would progress or even if
I was capable of making
the Mission work!
Now six years on
I guess it is working so I
decided that it was time to
buy a small (very small)
place of our own!
Bahay ng Pag-asa San Miguel

San Miguel is only five kilometers from
Ramon and so is much easier for the kids
to get to school and for me to get
patients to hospital in Santiago.
Which is now only
10 kilometers away.

The house is very small
and very basic as you can see from the
We don't even have running water but
who cares it is
Home Improvements!
The Kitchen
Yes! My stove where I cook for us all!
The Kitchen Sink
The drain just leads to a soak away.
No drainage!
The Bathroom
Yes the whole in the corner is the drain!
Kitchen Water Supply
Our deep water well is not very clean
we pump clean water at a neighbours
So Red for dishes... Blue for drinking!
Honestly thats it only 12 inches high!
Bathroom Door
Looks like we have lots of work to do!
Alvin sifting sand for building
Jerome mixing cement
Gani renovating bathroom and toilet
New House New Baby....
Well kitten christened by Jenny
as Kamarmarching
Jenny washing clothes at the deep well pump
Nanay Gardening
We grow lots of vegetables
to help feed the kids!  
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