Christmas 2007
I returned to the Mission
early December after a long
absence due to several family
crises. However I was not
meant to stay long as my
husband was taken ill and I
had to return to London early
January, but while I was at
the Mission I tried to bring
some Christmas Cheer into
lots of lives!
Santa and his Elf prepare to
spread some Christmas
Cheer and have loaded 250
gifts and candies on the
Sleigh.... Well tricycle... We
couldn't find reindeer in the
Christmas is all about
children and what better
place to spread a little
Christmas Cheer than at the
The Hospital is so over
crowded that the children
are not only in the corridors
but also outside!
Every child received a gift
and for many like this poor
little fellow sleeping out
doors with cardboard for a
mattress it was the first
time he has seen Santa!
And We Complain
About Our Hospitals !
Our new patient baby Gemma
needed urgent surgery.
Bahay ng Pag-asa paid for  
her  hospitalization and
Gerald was suffering from a
disease caught from Rat
Droppings. Many children
living in poverty contract
diseases from unsanitary
Gerald was one of the lucky
ones! Bahay ng Pag-asa paid
for his hospitalization and
medications, and as you can
see a few weeks later he was
strong and well and on his
way back to school!
If you would like to bring  a
smile to the face of a child
please become a
Sponsor or
make a donation....
Even a Few Pence Will Change
Lives and Make  a Child
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