February - June 2006

I arrived home at Bahay ng Pag-Asa to a great welcome on Valentines Day after my  Christmas break in
London, and that evening I took the children out for a meal to celebrate. We had a great evening.... check out
how many we are on the tricycle (unless your a policeman in which case skip this bit)
and don't forget to count the photographer!
While Len-len, Bullet, Jenny and Denmark are having fun on the swing,
Alvin, Grace, Aldrin, Mae & Gerome
were busy making a big family decision....
What's for dinner!
Mae now very heavily pregnant
was very grateful I was home so I
could take over the household
duties and the accounts again
giving her a most needed rest.

After the nightmare of Aldrin's
accounting last time I was really
delighted to discover that Mae
had been taking care of the
accounts, and that they were
correct to the centavo! Thank
You Mae.  
As you can see Len-len has made
wonderful progress and her skin
disease has now completely gone,
Len-len is a delightful child and
has been a great help to Mae
while I have been on vacation.
The children are all making great
came top in the class. Which is a
great achievement, we are all
very proud of him, and have
great hopes that he will continue
to study and be able to get a good
professional job.
He will then be able to break the
cycle of poverty which entraps so
many Filipino's.  
Sadly Patricia decided that after
several years of care she no
longer wanted to remain with us.
Patricia suffers from
schizophrenia and was extremely
jealous of all the children and
while the kids understood that
Patricia had big problems it did
make life in the house very
difficult at times.
So for the safety of the children I
agreed that she should go and
stay with her aunt in Santiago. I
personally will miss Patricia very
much, as she has been a major
part of my life for the past nine
years.... We will of course
continue to support her however
we can.
Aldrin & Mae

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the latest
member of the Bahay ng Pag-Asa Family.

David Fontinilla arrived safely on the 18th May '06

God Bless You & Grant You Long Life, Health & Happiness
Baby David
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