Court Case

At Last It Is Over And We Won!

The mammoth saga of Bahay ng Pag-asa gaining justice for the abused children in the Santiago orphanage
is at last over...

The woman was convicted not of child abuse but of a lesser charge
She was made to pay compensation to the children and was put on probation...

Some supporters were very disappointed by this result, but personally I feel that  the children have been justified and
good has triumphed over evil.
Now that she has a criminal record with regard to children,
she should never be employed as a teacher or carer ever again!
Therefore no other children will not suffer at her hands
as those poor children did in

"The Orphanage From Hell"
February - April 2006

The Clients Updates

Mr Darupan

Mr Darupan has had two cataracts successfully removed, but
unfortunately was admitted into hospital again as we are having
difficulty in controlling his diabetes!
Due to extreme poverty it is difficult for the family not only to
provide the medicine he needs,
but also the right diet.
Bahay ng Pag-asa paid for all the hospital fees and will continue
to provide his medication.   

James Bad-ang

James our C.P. Client started to have fits
and became very weak.
We rushed him to the hospital where he was confined for
several days.
Thankfully his condition stabilised and he was able to
return home.

Sadly James is so severely disabled
that the only way we can help is by providing him with his
medication, vitamins and good quality milk.
James' mother is a widow and is unable to provide
these basic needs for him.

Maria Mitcha

Great news!

We were providing Maria with medication in the hope
that it would not be necessary for her to have surgery  when
we took Maria for her check up and the Doctor confirmed that
there was no need to operate!

Nida Vallejos

I am very sad to report the latest news of Nida

Bahay ng Pag-Asa was approached by Dr Jade Malvar in
December '05 requesting assistance for this patient.
He said that Leonida should have undergone surgery in
June ’05 but was unable to find funding.

The cancer had started to bleed and needed
immediate treatment.
We agreed to fund the operation which was
successfully carried out three days later.

the cancer had spread so far that Leonida
sadly died four months later.

Eternal grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine
upon her may she rest in peace Amen…
Mr Darupan
James Bad-ang
Maria Mitcha
Nida Vallejos
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